Weight Loss Packages

Our Weight Loss Packages offer a holistic approach to achieving your weight loss goals with personalized coaching, meal planning, and fitness routines tailored to your needs.

We Offer Weight Loss with:

*Proper and Balance Food Planning as per Body type
* Ayurvedic medicine [For Cleansing,  Detoxification,  Rejuvenating and Correction of Disease if any and Nutrition care]
* Exercise

Our Monthly Package Includes:

Weekly once Doctor’s Consultation 4 Session
Therapeutic Food Planning
Maintenance Food Planning
Ayurvedic Medicine for 30 Days

Note: – Reduce weight In healthy and natural way without starving and fancy gadgets..
– Reduces 3 to 4 kgs minimum in 1 Month if there is no any COMORBIDITY
– Reduces 2 to 3 kgs minimum in 1 Month if there is any COMORBIDITY like Diabetes, Hypothyroid,  PCOS , High Cholesterol etc


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