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Safe & Effective Vamana Therapy Treatment

Vaman panchakarma therapy includes a significant procedure known as Vaman, which facilitates the Elimination of Vitiated Kapha Dosh from the body and alleviates any obstructions in circulation. During the winter season, congestion in the chest can result from coughing, which then leads to coughing and sneezing as the summer begins. Vamana treatment is a scientific approach that induces vomiting to eliminate this troublesome secretion from the body, and It is primarily performed during Spring season, However, it can be customised in medical emergencies of patients in other seasons too.

Ayurvedic doctors recommend Vamana as a treatment option for various infertility issues, including reducing heavy menstrual flow, low or no menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea), and polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Additionally, Vamana therapy is beneficial for individuals dealing with obesity, menopausal weight gain, fat accumulation, high lipid levels, and other related symptoms.


At Ayushree Clinic, we believe in a personalized approach to healthcare.

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Vamana Therapy Process

Under medical supervision, patients may be advised to consume medicated ghee, the type and duration of which varies based on the patient's individual needs. Toxins are then loosened through massage and steam vamana therapy, and directed towards the stomach to prepare for their removal. A medicine is then administered to induce vomiting, and all toxic material is subsequently expelled. It is crucial that patients undergo this process only with the supervision of a medical professional.

Professional Advice

Some food restrictions are to be followed during and after therapy. At Aayushree we provide medicines, medicinal ghee, steam massage & food after procedure in Vaman therapy.

Benefits of Panchakarma Vaman Therapy

Removes toxins, Balances doshas, Enhances immunity, Reduces stress, Promotes weight loss & Enhances skin health, controls Diabetes, chronic cough and cold Bronchitis.

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What is Panchakarma?

Six procedures are included in this


Body toxins are removed by inducing vomiting. This treatment is mainly done for KaphaDosha or Diseasesof Kapha.


Toxins are removed through stool by using Laxatives and purgatives, This treatment is mainly for diseases in intestines


These are medicated enemas. This is a very important treatment in aayurvedic practice. Though it is mainly done for Vata Vikar


Bloodletting is done with the use of needles, syringe or leech to treat skin diseases, varicose veins, pitta vicar, severe pain etc.


Nose is considered as entrance of the rain. Medicated oils are put in the nostrils to treat problems related to brain, low or high B.P.

Aayurvedic treatment

Other than these five, some other therapies are also used

Extraordinary medicine for ordinary people.

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We offer Ayurvedic Treatments based on the Ashta Vaidya Tradition from Kerala, India.

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