Garbhasanskar Package

As per Aayurved Garbhasanskar is one of the rituals (one of the shodash sanskar) performed for children in their gestational life. ‘Garbha’ means Infant and ‘Sanskar’ means Right Ideology. It is a rite of passage for the physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual development of the baby from conception to birth.

In today’s fast paced era, the incidence of diseases like infertility, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, cancer is seen to increase. Nowadays Due to Modern newer Gadgets usage, Sedentary Lifestyle like Irregular and wrong eating habits, Late night- Late Rise, Lack of Exercise, Physical- Mental stresses (competition), these all factors are affecting children in abundance. So, Garbha Sanskar is therapeutic Treatment to be done to produce Healthy and Intelligent progeny (Suprajanan).

By identifying the symptoms that come from the parents to the children, appropriate treatment is done by the doctors. It guides what should be done by keeping in mind the proper time for pregnancy, diet, panchakarma, physical and mental condition of the parents To get Healthy offspring.. It includes the following:

1. Medical Examinations of parents as per Aayurved.
2. Aayurvedic medicines and panchakarma advice.
3. Counselling about healthy period for Conception, Diet and Lifestyle modification
4. Counselling about Yoga and Meditation
5. Mantropachar.
6. Masanumas Kashay Yojana (Medicine and Diet To be taken in each month with due respect to foetal development in that particular month)
7. Treatment for Normal delivery

Fertilization is now the need of the hour. Immunity of mother and child, increasing the intellectual and spiritual height of the child, can be possible only through pregnancy. Therefore, at present, every child-bearing couple must perform Garbha Sanskar.





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